I’ve been multitasking on my other blogs, working, AND commissions LOL

I haven’t given up on this blog, don’t worry! It’s just that every question I have in my inbox I want to reply with a picture and not just plain ol’ avatars or font. Some will be juicy, be patient!

Till then, you should look up “ms frizzle ru ok” on Youtube! There are some lovely moments of my teacher!

What do you think of the man that sings the theme song? :3

What theme song?

What do you think of Ms Frizzle's dresses?

I love them! She has the best taste in attire, I think! Though she is required to wear rather conservative clothes while in school, outside of school she has even MORE amazing outfits! <3

Can you transform into anything else while in your human form? or are you just limited to one at a time?

I don’t need to revert back into a bus to transform if that’s what you mean. ^^ I’ve gone from a plane to a truck before!

If your a buss... Dose that mean you can carry anything a buss can in your human form too?? O3o

Well, being a bus, I do have the perks of higher strength and endurance! But even in different forms I have appropriate limitations as well. Like, if I’m too tiny, I can still get stuck in a closed book, or if I’m a small animal I can still be eaten!

Do you have a favorite field trip? My two favorites are going into space and the haunted house of sound. :D

I love nearly all of the field trips I’ve been on! But my favorites are the ones where I don’t nearly get destroyed, hahaha. ^^;

Do you prefer being in the air, on land, or underwater when you take the kids on trips?

Just in case of an emergency, I personally prefer to be on land when the kids are with us.

How did you feel about the field trip when you were up in arnold's intestines. I would not approve of such a field trip

You’d be surprised as to how few things disturb me anymore, hahaha!

Why do you need to be a bus to take the class on trips, though? you're magic, after all.

Technically I’m always a bus, but even on field trips I don’t always look like one! ^^

So how much time do you spend as a human, compared to your bus-mode? And, on a tangentially related topic - cookies or brownies?

I spend quite a bit of time as a human! But I can still be a bus of course, hehe, the class still needs to go on field trips.

And that’s a tough choice! I don’t know! DB Brownies!